I danced at RISE Vineyard Performing Arts for 10 years and was a member of the dance company for eight. Throughout those 10 years, the studio became a second home and the members of the dance company became my closest friends. The bonds formed through dance were unlike anything else. Everyday I looked forward to going to class and seeing everyone – I never got tired of it. The faculty members at RISE also became some of the most important adults in my life and were mentors to me in every sense. Through dance, I learned the importance of hard work and tenacity; I learned how to manage my time wisely and keep everything (including the many costumes with their various accessories) organized; I learned how to step out of my comfort zone and interact with many people. I would not trade my experience at RISE for anything — it is something I am grateful for and will always cherish.

Maggie Burke

To this day, there’s a piece of me missing. The home that I had at RISE allowed me to deposit my energy, good and bad, into creativity, hard work, reward, friendship, resilience, love and lessons that have shaped my life. In no other place have I found this sort of release that simultaneously taught me so much about myself. The beauty of dance is that one’s body is all that is needed. Recognizing individual beauty, along with mental and physical potential is indispensable, and something that if not for dance, I would have never known. The studio was my home, now that I am away from it, doing work that requires little self-reflection or creativity, it is dearly missed. I will be forever grateful for my RISE family. The combination of technicality and spirituality that dancing at RISE provided is something that I hope to find again soon.

Emma Caron

During my 10 years at the studio, RISE became a second home. The program, and the people taught me so many meaningful skills that were, and still are, applicable in every aspect of my life. The RISE experience nurtured strong friendships that I know will last a lifetime

Susanna Becchio

RISE was a very important part of my life. Dance provided me with a creative outlet and a community of friends that I still love. The teachers at RISE VPA taught me to be independent. I learned perseverance and work ethic through my everyday classes.

Sequoia Ahren

I was 10 years old when RISE first opened and I can still remember my first lyrical, musical theatre and jazz classes. I joined Company the following year, where I found a family of hard-working, determined and dedicated dancers and future friends. After every dance performance and competition weekend away, I always felt rewarded and could see how my hard work had paid off. I felt exhilarated by the thrill of performing and also felt pure joy when moving my body. The personalized and unique training RISE offered, pushed me to pursue a BFA in Dance. It was only after leaving RISE when I was exposed to other teachers and students that I realized the true quality of teaching RISE gave me.  Author: Sabrina Reppert

Throughout my time at RISE, I learned so much more than dance. Jil, my teachers and fellow dancers taught me the values of friendship, leadership and confidence through the artistry of dance, empowering young dancers every day! I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to be a part of the RISE family, giving me an artistic outlook and life-long friendships.   Author: Emma Baldino