The total cost of each costume is $65 for Creative Movement and $75 for all other classes. Any special orders, including extra-large sizes, may require an additional charge (determined by the costume company). Additional charges are the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian. Accessories, such as headpieces or gloves, are included in the cost of the costume. Tights and shoes are not included. Tights are purchased and distributed by RISE at costume distribution. Accounts are charged $10 for tights in May.

We spend many hours determining the correct costumes for each class. They are always age-appropriate and of the highest quality possible. Costumes include all accessories, hats, bows, etc.

Costumes will not be ordered until they are paid for in full. Parents or guardians accept full responsibility for all expenses, including surcharges and postage for costumes that are ordered late. RISE is not responsible if costumes are not received in time for the recital due to late payments.



In an effort to ensure that costumes are delivered in time for school photographs, costume orders are placed during the December break. Costume manufacturers do not accept cancellations or offer refunds; therefore, RISE cannot refund costume deposits.


October 12

December 14

Creative Movement
$35 $30
Youth/Adult $45 $30

A non-refundable costume deposit will be billed to each account on October 1, 2018, with payment due by October 12, 2018. Final payments for costumes will be billed to each account on December 3, 2018 with payment due by December 14, 2018. Students discontinuing their classes after paying a costume deposit will still receive their costume as long as their balance is paid in full.



Costume measuring begins during the first week in November, during scheduled class times. Each child will be measured in order to determine his or her proper costume size(s). After measuring, parents will be required to sign a confirmation form stating that they agree with the size(s) to be ordered for their child. Parents may make adjustments on the form; however, their signature indicates that they take full responsibility for any necessary costume alterations.


Although rare, alterations are sometimes needed after the costumes have been distributed and are the sole responsibility of the student’s parent or guardian. Please contact the RISE office for recommended seamstresses.


Costumes will be distributed the week prior to Photo Day. In order for your dancer to receive their costumes, account balances must be paid in full. The deadline for all balances due is May 5. Students must have their costumes to participate in photo day.

Please have your child try-on their costume to see if pant lengths need hemming or straps need tightening, etc. To preserve costumes, accessories, and tights, students may not wear costumes unless it is the RISE photo session, dress rehearsal, or performance.


During the last tuition cycle, each account will be charged a recital package fee of $60.00. This package includes a professionally shot recital DVD, online access of recital footage and a recital t-shirt for your student to wear in the recital finale. Additional t-shirts for siblings are $10.


No refunds will be made if a parent or guardian withdraws a child from RISE after costumes have been ordered and prior to the recital. Parent or guardians may pick up purchased costumes at RISE during costume distribution.