Tuition & Fees


Tuition is calculated per class hour, per student and paid BI-MONTHLY (every other month) on the 1st of September, November, January, March, and May (5 total installments).


EXAMPLE:  Your student takes a 1.5hr jazz class, a 1hr tap class, a 1.5hr ballet class, and a 1hr hip hop class.  Hourly total:  5hrs,  Tuition total:  $565 paid every other month

Tuition is non-refundable.

COVID-19 NOTE:  Should the studio be forced to close, RISE will finish the tuition installment via Zoom and assess further options.


 $35 per student, $40 per family, due at registration.  Non-refundable.

Holiday Costume Rental  

RISE provides costuming for the annual holiday show, “Season’s Greetings”. Costumes are distributed at dress rehearsal and returned after the final performance.  Rental fees are based on classes:

$25 – 1 Class
$35 – 2 Classes
$50 – 3 Classes
$60 – 4 Classes
$75 – 5 or more Classes

Recital Costume

Client purchased, recital costumes belong to dancers. Costumes are $75 – $85 depending on class level. Costume balance is due Decemebr 1st. Tight charges are included in the final tuition installment and are $10 each.  Costumes are distributed during class the week prior to Photo Day.  Accounts must be current to receive costumes.

COVID-19 NOTE:  RISE will order costumes depending on the climate of the COVID-19 progression.

Recital Package

The recital package is a $65 non-negotiable fee charged with the last tuition installment which includes professionally shot recital footage documenting all shows and a custom themed t-shirt, additional shirts $10 per dancer.