Parent Letters

RISE Vineyard Performing Arts gave my daughter a second home.  Dancing was always in her heart, but RISE gave her the ability to turn that love into passion, her good skills into perfection… and her convictions into self-confidence.  Young teen-agers need a place that can help foster trust, poise and courage.   This is the kind of distraction they need.  With so many influences and expectations that rest upon the shoulders of the young members of our community… this kind of place boasts success stories.  Most importantly, is that the success doesn’t just happen on the stage… it spills over to the classroom, in leadership roles and in making good choices.

Dave Caron

Dancing at RISE involves serious commitment from both the dancer and the dancer’s family, but anyone who has attended a RISE performance and has seen the level of talent and professionalism displayed by such young dancers, knows it pays off. The ten years my daughter danced at RISE, five of which were in the Company program, did so much to enhance her poise and self-confidence. Many hours of practice honed her ability to focus and improved her stamina, strength, and flexibility, transforming her into an athlete in every sense of the word. Jil works hard at building community at RISE, and my daughter viewed her teachers and fellow dancers as a second family. It was hard to say goodbye when she graduated and her time there finally ended. Without a doubt, my daughter’s RISE experience was among the most impactful experiences of her young life.

Donna Hopson

RISE has been life altering for my family. My teenager is never happier or more joyful than when she is dancing. She is calm under pressure and learned hard work, commitment, perseverance, organization, responsibility, grit. She has developed grace, poise, confidence, a sense of belonging, a desire to be her best. She has made friends who are like sisters, who support and cheer each other, who share in the triumphs and the setbacks. Jil and all of the teachers have taken these kids under their wings and helped them to be their best. Helped them avoid the pitfalls of adolescence, and be part of something bigger than themselves. I can’t say enough positive things about RISE. I am forever grateful.

Karen Burke

As a family, we are so grateful for RISE Vineyard Performing Arts! Jil and her staff saw the potential in our 11-year-old, enrolled in Acro, who is now in her sixth year of dance and fifth year with the competitive Company dancers. She enjoys leading a class this year while assisting in others. At RISE she continues to grow as a young woman and a dancer—both in confidence, creativity, and ability—through teamwork and lifelong friendships made at the studio. RISE enables her to do what she loves now and inspires the pursuit of dance in college and beyond, which we fully support.

Sue Pagliccia

RISE Vineyard Performing Arts has been great for my kids! They constantly learn the value of hard work in each and every class and they get to see their work rewarded at the annual shows. There are excellent role models all around them in the studio (teachers and students), and the supportive atmosphere is such a joy. Seeing kids doing their homework between classes just puts a smile on my face. The place is the whole package, organized, high expectations with rewards for real effort. The Holiday and June shows are Island treasures.