Studio Policies

Attendance/ Tardiness

Students must keep consistent attendance for the benefit of their class progress. Please notify the RISE office by email or phone of a dancer’s absence on the day of or before class.  Repeated absences are addressed with families as they disrupt the learning curve of the class. Dancers that are more than 5 minutes tardy will not be allowed to participate, but can observe.

Make-up Policy

Missed lessons may be made up in an alternate class of the same or lower level in which the student is enrolled. Make-up classes must be taken within the tuition cycle of the missed class or within 3 weeks of the absence. Excessive absences may affect a student’s participation in performances. Students must sign-in with instructor before the class they are making up to receive credit. Make-up lessons are optional,l but strongly encouraged.

Dropping Class

Parents must contact the RISE office immediately if a student no longer wishes to participate in their class so proper adjustments can be addressed.


Younger students (ages 3-6) must have a parent or guardian present to assist them until they have entered the classroom. Students arrive 5-10 minutes before class and should be picked up within 10 minutes of the class ending.


Students are expected to arrive on time, in required class attire and with hair secure.  During class, dancers are required to participate in class activity and refrain from distracting behavior.

For liability reasons, parents are not permitted to sit in classrooms. The last class of the month is open for viewing except when it coincides with preparing for a performance.


RISE maintains a strict zero tolerance policy in regard to physical or verbal abuse, harassment, theft, vandalism and the use of any and all illegal substances. Enrollment of any student found in violation of this policy will be terminated. Refunds will not be considered for students in violation of RISE policy.


Tuition is due on the 5th of every other month.  Payment months are: September, November, January, March and May.

Clients are encouraged to keep a credit card on file as a second method of payment. Late tuition payments, without a credit card back-up result in a $30 late fee. Filed credit cards are only charged if a payment is past due or the office is notified.

Refunds will not be given for enrolled classes after the second week of attendance (except in medical cases with a written note from a physician). No refunds or credits will be granted for missed or dropped lessons.

Students with accounts 30 days past due may not participate in class until the account is current.


Students are required to wear required dress code (see Curtain Call for Class). Hair must be secured tightly away from the face and off the neck. Jewelry is not permitted with the exception of stud earrings.



Studio name: RISE Vineyard Performing Arts; Studio Pass Phrase: i love rise 1

  • ACROBATICS: Black camisole leotard, black dance shorts
  • BALLET: Pink tights, black camisole leotard, ballet slippers
  • CONTEMPORARY: Pink or tan tights, black camisole leotard, contemporary shoes
  • CREATIVE MOVEMENT: Pink tights, black camisole leotard, ballet slippers
  • HIP HOP: Black sweatpants, black dance shorts, black camisole leo,    RISE T or solid dark t-shirt, hip hop sneakers
  • JAZZ: Pink or Tan tights, black camisole leotard, jazz shoes
  • KINDER: Pink tights, black camisole leotard, ballet slippers, tap shoes.
  • PRIMARY: Pink tights, black camisole leotard, ballet slippers, tap shoes
  • TAP: Pink or tan tights, black camisole leotard, tap shoes